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1st Quarter of 2018: 3 Cyber Security News Stories which shocked the World

We’re already a quarter of the way through 2018. And it seems the cyber security trends of 2017 are continuing into 2018. Just 3 short months have passed, but we have already seen 3 big stories break the news.

1st Quarter of 2018: 3 Cyber Security Stories which shocked the World

1. Facebook compromises data of 2.2 billion users

Yes, that’s right – 2.2. billion. So the odds are that if you have a Facebook account and you’re reading this, then you are likely to have one of the compromised accounts. However, unlike other data breaches which involve hacking, this data was willingly handed over. It has caused a media frenzy and raised questions about the ethnics of data sharing. It raises the question of where should the line be drawn and the responsibility of data protection for individual users vs. companies. Read more about this story.

2. Indian Government Identity Card Database Leaks Data of 1 Billion

Now this story was perhaps even more shocking. Unlike Facebook, residents of India do not have a choice of whether or not to provide their data. Aadhar is the Indian Government’s identify card database and apparently their data is being sold off (illegally) for a mere 500 RS. What is unnerving about this story is that it is government held data. After all, if national governments cannot keep people’s data safe, then it raises the question of who can. One thing is for sure – the cyber security skills necessary in 2018 and beyond are evidently lacking. Subsequently, it is no wonder that courses such as EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker Course have become so popular. Interested in this course? Get a discount on this course with our CEH Coupon Code. Or read our recommendations of the Top Cyber Security Certifications in 2021.

3. The Growth in Crypto Currency Mining

Despite the recent decrease in the value of Bitcoin, data currency mining has continued to boom. But how does this relate to cyber security? The answer is that crypto currency mining requires a large about of processing power. This has led many mining projects to ‘steal’ the processing power of third party computers. In other words, they are hacking other computers to use them to help mine. Subsequently, from a cyber security perspective, it is important for users to be diligent about protecting their computers from such malware.

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