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CompTIA Security+ Discount Code

20% Discount on CyberVista’s CompTIA Security+ Online Training Course (New SY0-501 Exam)

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If you’re planning on embarking on your cyber security career, a great place to start is the Security+ certification from CompTIA.

The CompTIA Security+ certification is widely seen as one of the best introductory qualifications and a great way into the cybersecurity sector.

CompTIA security+ discount code

By gaining the Security+ certification, you will be qualified to deal with a wide range of considerations that need to be taken into account to implement successful security strategies. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Network security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Risk management
  • Operation security
  • Compliance
  • Threats & vulnerabilities
  • Application security
  • Data and host security
  • Access control
  • Identity management
  • Cryptography

The Security+ certification is a useful and popular stepping stone along your way to a successful career in IT security.

CyberVista is a CompTIA approved partner, and their comprehensive training course is designed exclusively for the latest CompTIA Security+ exam (SY0-501), officially launched on October 25th, 2017.

CompTIA Security Plus Discount Code

Practice makes perfect

CyberVista’s Security+ training package gives you an unrivaled number of practice questions – over 1,000 of them! This is more than any other security+ program anywhere else. Also, to help you identify and improve on your strengths and weaknesses, they make sure that you begin your study exercise with series of diagnostic tests. This is to enable you to concentrate on your learning process.

Other benefits of enrolling include:

  • Weekly take-home quizzes
  • 90 Full-length practice test questions
  • Over 70 videos available on demand

You will also be provided with a comprehensive lesson book to enable you to follow instructors’ lectures step by step in addition to a weekly live lecture. The motive behind the provision of all the tools mentioned above is to help you have a hassle free preparation and excellent performance in the test and exams.

Security Plus Course by CyberVista – FAQS

How does the CompTIA Security+ discount code work?

The Security+ Security discount code (also known as the CompTIA Security PLUS Discount Code) is ISCN20. To get a 20% Discount, you just need to use our CompTia Security+ discount code ISCN20 when you get to the checkout page. The discount code field will only appear when you get to the final payment page.

What can I do with the CompTIA Security+ certification?

The Security+ certification covers many core areas of information security. There are currently over 100,000 job listings that are available to Security+ certified professionals. Typical job titles include ‘Security Analyst’, ‘Security Team Lead’, ‘Incident Responder’, etc.

What can I expect in the Security+ exam?

The Security+ certification covers several key areas, including network security, operation security, compliance, threats & vulnerabilities, application security, and data and host security. Also included are access control, identity management, and cryptography.

  • Launch Date of SY0-501 Exam: October 25th, 2017
  • Number of Questions: TBD, but previous version of the exam was a maximum of 90 questions
  • Type of Questions: Multiple choice and performance-based
  • Length of Test: TBD, but previous version was 90 Minutes
  • Passing Score: TBD, but previous version was 750 (on a scale of 100-900)
  • Recommended Experience: There are no prerequisites for taking the Security+. However, CompTIA suggest that obtaining the Network+ certification and having two years of experience in IT administration with a security focus would be beneficial.

If I pass the exam, how long is the certification valid for?

The Security+ certification is usually valid for a period of 3 years. However, there are two methods of keeping your certification valid. You can either retake the latest version of the exam every three years, or you can complete 50 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) through various activities. More information is available upon passing the exam.

How long is the Security+ online course?

CyberVista’s Security+ program is an 8 week Live Online program. It’s CompTIA authorized and will prepare you for the new test launching in October 2017. The program includes 7 live online sessions plus 1 independent session. The program starts with a diagnostic to guide your learning and includes 60+ on-demand short videos that comprehensively cover each exam objective.  The program includes more than 1,000 practice questions including a full length practice test.  Included also are summary notes, summary videos, and 350 e-flashcards to ensure readiness for test day.

Who are the course instructors?

All instructors are Security+ certified professionals, and have been trained specifically by CyberVista to deliver the course in the most effective manner.

What is Light Board technology?

Light board technology is used during the live training sessions. An illuminated glass pane sits between the instructor and the camera, allowing the instructor to illustrate important cybersecurity concepts while remaining face-to-face with you, the students. Powerpoint is also used, but not only when required.

What is the readiness guarantee / What happens if I don’t pass the exam?

The Readiness Guarantee allows for a free course re-take if life gets in the way. If you don’t feel ready to take the exam or if you do not pass your exam, then you may re-take the course.

1. After completing your course, simply send an email to if you are not ready to take the exam, or if you have taken the exam and have not passed. CyberVista will register you for the next available course (one-time) at no charge to you.

2. In order to qualify, you must contact CyberVista within 3 months of the end of your original course and you must select a start date within 12 months of your original purchase date.

When will I receive access to the Learning Management System (LMS) once I register?

Once your place is confirmed, you will be sent your login credentials for the Learning Management System and your initial practice diagnostic exam the week before your scheduled start date.

How long will I have access to the Learning Management System (LMS)?

All students have 6 months of unlimited access to their online portal. This includes all of the pre-recorded objective videos, recorded live session videos, and practices tests/quizzes/questions.

Do I need to do any work or review in between classes?

Yes, but it depends on your experience level and comfort with the material. The course is designed to help make the learning manageable by spreading everything over 8 weeks and using learning science techniques (including the diagnostic exam) to focus on your targeted areas of improvement.

How often is the course offered?

Live Online Security+ courses start in October 2017 and are generally offered twice a month. You can click on the ‘Get Started’ buttons to review the currently scheduled start dates.

Is there a cancellation or refund policy?

Please note sessions are defined as the occurrence of a live online classroom session, usage of online resources including the diagnostic, or proctored exams.

  • Cancellation before any session, 100% fees are refunded (less shipping & handling fee).
  • Cancellation before two sessions, 75% fees are refunded (less shipping & handling fee).
  • Cancellation before three sessions, 50% fees are refunded (less shipping & handling fee).
  • Cancellation after third session, there will be no refund.

A refund will be processed after all student materials are returned to CyberVista.

Use our CompTIA Security+ Discount Code ISCN20 when you get to the check out page to receive a 20% discount!