Stuck at home? Level up with online cyber security certifications

Stuck at home during the lockdown? Use this time to ‘Level Up’ with our top 3 online cyber security certifications

With ‘half of humanity under lockdown‘, it is likely that you are reading this from your home, or wherever it is that you are isolating yourself.

This is an unprecedented and hugely distressing time for many of us, especially for those of us who have lost any friends or family as a result of COVID-19.

For others, currently restricted to the four walls of their homes, it is perhaps a time of frustration, or even boredom. To make matters worse, it has been reported that the current lockdown could last for months.

Stuck at home? Why not 'Level Up' with Online information security courses

As great pragmatists, it has always been our belief that we should make the best of any situation, or, as the saying goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

It’s inspiring to see how people have come together to look after the more vulnerable members of society. Many of us are juggling our time between caring for family members and/or vulnerable neighbors.

If you’re lucky enough to have spare time on your hands, you may be looking for ways to use this time of isolation, and to keep your mind active to stave off ‘cabin fever’. If this is the case, it could be worth considering looking to ‘Level Up’ your skills with one of these online cyber security certifications

Emerge from isolation with a qualification under your belt, making you more desirable to employers

The job market is likely to look very different in the coming months, with some sectors possibly taking years to recover. Now more than ever, having a strong resume is likely to give you an advantage in what is likely to be an even more competitive world.

Perhaps you’ve been considering moving into cyber security for some time, but haven’t had an opportunity to do so? Or perhaps you’re looking for ways to prove your existing knowledge to potential employers?

Instead of emerging from isolation with a well-used Netflix account, why not do so with new information security skills and qualifications under your belt?

If this sounds like a logical idea to you, then your next question is probably “OK, but which qualification should I choose?” To answer this, you may wish to read our list of the Top 10 Cyber Security Certifications in 2021.

Alternatively, for your convenience, here are 3 of our favourites below:

Top 3 Online Cyber Security Certifications

CEH - Certified Ethical Hacker
  1. Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)
    Version 10 of the CEH online training course covers 20 of the most up to date and important security domains you will need to consider as an ethical hacker. Learn more.

CCISO - Certified Chief Information Security Officer
  1. Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO)
    The industry-leading CISO training program from EC-Council for senior security professionals in leadership positions. Learn more.

  1. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
    Still the most widely recognized and sought-after qualification for information security generalists, although less relevant for specialist positions. Learn more.


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